The Acacia Strain

Desolated warmed up the Monster Stage with some sludgy, death metal riffs and putrid vocals. Their bass player offered the only female representation amongst all the musicians during the weekend, aside from this little about their act stood out.
Next up TRC gave the kids a taste of how hardcore might have been if the likes of Bad Brains and Black Flag’s influence still resounded through modern hardcore. With their shaven heads and vests they showed off their old school sound, shouting over some punk rock riffs and giving full on aggro attitude.
Bleed From Within
Scotland’s Bleed From Within played a mix of their old album ‘Humanity’ with their recent release ‘Empire’ which was received well by the crowd. Singer Scott Kennedy’s impressive vocal range was supported by a very tight band, creating a massive and impressive sound.
Clone The Fragile
Fellow Scot’s Azriel took to the stage next. Despite their singer being too sick to perform, they played a fantastic thirty minute set, with their friend Kyle standing in on vocals. The crowd went ballistic for the young, deathcore giants, particularly during ‘Iscariot’.
The Acacia Strain
Clone The Fragile performed high up the running order, given that this was a comeback show for them after taking some time out. Their sound was a mix of catchy rock n roll type riffs and heavier, distorted music, with hardcore vocals. In the middle of the set they played a rendition of At The Gates’ ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’.
The Acacia Strain
Headliners The Acacia Strain stormed onto the stage with one goal in mind: to make a much noise as possible. As vocalist Vincent Bennett announced ‘We are a very angry fucking band’ they ripped into a sound that epitomised their hatred. The American deathcore band decided they would dedicate a song especially to the UK Hardcore and straight edge scene. The crowd reacted well to the headline act’s aggressive performance.

Words by Vicky
Photography by Gobinder Jhittaemail Gobinder

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