Gabrielle @ Birmingham Town Hall, 2nd November 2016

Posted by Gig Junkies on Wednesday Nov 2, 2016 Under Contemporary, Pop, R&B/Soul

Gig photography and review by Hollie Turner.

90’s chart favourite Gabrielle, graced Birmingham Wednesday night at the Town Hall with a raw and intimate show.


Hackney lass, Louise Gabrielle Bobb, known simply as Gabrielle, is a multi-platinum selling artist, winning multiple BRIT Awards winning English singer and songwriter.


She opened with ‘When a Woman’ but unfortunately whilst watching her; we learnt very quickly that she wasn’t singing much of the song at all. At first the assumption was that perhaps she was just being lazy as the backing singers were noticeably doing all of the work for her. But as she went into the next song, it became very obvious that Gabrielle was in fact sick.



She began to talk and explain that in the short space of a few hours she had in fact lost her voice and had what sounded like a very sore throat. She continuously sipped her drink and apologised so many times for her lack of vocals throughout the show that I lost count.  She could not say sorry enough. She told the crowd that she was aware that they had every right to walk out on her, because she wasn’t providing them with their money’s worth of vocals that she usually could deliver. It was a real shame to see, but Gabrielle powered on with the night like a trooper in an attempt to give the crowd a show still.



She sang all of her biggest hits including ‘Sunshine’, ‘Rise’, ‘Out of Reach’ and ‘Dreams’. ‘Dreams’ provided the remainder of the crowd still seated to finally throw caution to the wind and get up and dance. This was a lovely way to end the show. It was nice to see that bar a handful of people, majority of the crowd stayed to support Gabrielle and cheer her on. She told the crowd how she was very humbled by this, and ending the show Gabrielle went across the end of the stage shaking every person’s hand and stopping along the way to take the odd selfie.


Despite having to sing her songs in a lower key than what she would usually because of her lack of vocals, Gabrielle still delivered and this was a very enjoyable night had by all. 

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