Photo Gallery by John Hayhurst

Frank Turner must be one of the hardest gigging musicians around, fresh off his punk Möngöl Hörde tour, records a new album ‘Be More Kind’ travels out on an extensive UK Tour and then announces this Arena tour in early 2019. Playing some of the biggest venues in the UK, we caught up with Frank Turner in Leeds.

You don’t sit down, and you don’t shut up, or grow old at a Frank Turner gig. We came, we drank beer, we sang some great songs and we’ll do it all again whenever he is in town.

Frank Turner-11

Frank Turner-2

Frank Turner-4

Frank Turner-5

Frank Turner-6

Frank Turner-7

Frank Turner-8

Frank Turner-9

Frank Turner-10

Frank Turner-12

Frank Turner-13

Frank Turner-14

Frank Turner-15

Frank Turner-16

Frank Turner-17

Frank Turner-18

Frank Turner-19

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