Review by Zak Edwards with Photography by Bianca Barrett

We’re big believers in the mystical at Gig Junkies HQ. A bird shitting in our eye is seen as a blessing rather than a curse. So, when we see not only one rainbow, but a doubler no less and the pot of gold where it ended on route to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes‘ gig, we knew we were in for a treat.

Not that we should expect anything different when seeing the inimitable Mr Frank Cater and his reptilian cohorts.


Having seen the band a number of times before we’ve always been blown away by their sheer gusto. Energy in droves. Passion in spades. Every performance is a spectacle. So much more than a gig. So, when we ventured into the upstairs of Nottingham’s Rough Trade record shop at which housed little over 150 folk, we knew we were in for a for something very special indeed.



Making their way to the ‘stage’ at the ungodly rock hour of 7.30pm, the band were playing their second gig of the day, following a short journey from Sheffield where they entertained fans to an acoustic set at popular record store ‘Record Junkee’ – part of a whistle stop tour to promote new album ‘End of Suffering’. A publication that they’ve put out independently and one which is expected to break into the top 10 later this week.



Whilst it was more of a tribe than an army in attendance as per their normal performances it lacked none of the verve and vigour. It was 100 miles an hour from the moment it kicked off till it finished with now legendary set closer ‘I Hate You’ an hour and a half later. Soon to be classics like ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Crowbar’ were intertwined with staples like ‘Juggernaut’, ‘Lullaby’ and the ridiculously catchy ‘Vampires’. All were swallowed up by the enthusiastic fans. 



Doctor’s orders and a dodgy arm forbade the lead singer from getting up to his normal off stage acrobatics, but that – and the netting on the roof didn’t stop him crowd surfing – much to the delight of his baying band of Rattlesnake fanatics. 



You often find that heavier rock gigs have the nicest of fans and this was no exception, with special mention going to Frank’s group of followers known affectionately as The Snakepit – a cracking group of guys, who not only took GJ’s head honcho and I under their wing, but also shared hugs with fellow revellers when things got a little too much, conducted of course, by their beloved songsmith, Mr Carter. Props to all. 



The interaction of a singer with his fans is something you don’t see nearly enough nowadays, but in such intimate surround it seemed fitting that the lead singer spent time regaling stories with his fans. Evidently intelligent, refreshingly honest about his internal struggles (many of which have inspired his best work) and comedic, the singer was at ease on stage as he was signing records and posing for photos with fans after the gig.

There’s several more ‘record store’ gigs over the next few days so if you get chance and are lucky enough to get along to one of them then you really should.

Set List:
Why a Butterfly Can’t Love a Spider
Tyrant Lizard King
Wild Flowers
Love Games
Kitty Sucker
Angel Wings
Devil Inside Me
I Hate You

See the complete photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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