Gig Photos by Jonathan Morgan and review by Fran Prince

Carving our way through the largely male orientated numbers, we entered the poky venue of Birmingham’s Institute. Scouring the crowd’s features I supposed their fans originated from Feeder‘s 90’s days, a fairly youthful yet adult crowd awaiting their entrance – the ‘growing up with’ era.


First up and support for this evening comes from Macclesfield rockers The Virgin Marys.




A buzzing sound of wasps filled the air that irritated my ears, as the band simply took to the stage after their four-year hiatus. The suspenseful sound had me expecting a harsh rock guitar to start off the set, but an unfamiliar echoic and acoustic track began the gig, which got it off to an anticlimactic start.



Third song ‘Renegades’ lit the fireworks, and the audience immediately started jumping in euphoria. A calm settled for a moment, whilst the band conferred. Then, a distinguished electronic intro built, before the gig erupted at the uncanny vocals of Grant Nicholas as he kicked us into ‘Feeling a Moment’, a highlight of the Brit rock era.

Not a band I would rate as producing head banging material, I was perplexed to see an over enthusiastic bald guy next to me, frantically chucking his head about as if making a brain cocktail, but 2005’s ‘Pushing the Senses’ wasn’t exactly suggesting hardcore rock to me. I joined in to the recognisable clapping rhythm to Lost & Found, whilst I became immersed into what I had expected to hear from a childhood favourite.



A laddish group of men frantically began a repetitive football chant “FEEEE-DER” “FEEEE-DER” that the band charmingly accept with a smile, and questioned if we’d “missed them”. The audience retorted with a roar.

The band transported us back to their beginnings, when they felt ‘it was a better industry back then’ and soft rock, come acoustic track ‘High’ stimulated the crowds even further.



Innocently, the juveniles in the middle continued their football chant antics, as the band smiled uneasily. Anticipating Friday’s release of their new album ‘All Bright Electric’, Feeder let us in on new track ‘Eskimo’ with eerie, matured tones and an added electro backing it had hints of Artic Monkeys.

Track ‘Shattered’ worked for it’s applauds, against the esteemed ‘Borders’, setting off the notable soft and echoic ‘ooo’s’ that molded the instrumental beginning. Fighting to keep in my spot (where I could see through a tiny gap between two tall people’s shoulders) I nearly get injured by earlier’s said brain banger in his incapability to see anyone else, as he’d likely given himself very fuzzy vision.



Now many may confuse the Oasis styled chords of ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ for the classic ‘Wonderwall’, but like any devoted Feeder fanatic, we were ready to plunge into the lyrics, our mouths paralleled to our neighbours.

Red Card. You guessed it, the nauseating hooligans were at it again, and if Feeder didn’t shut them up soon, someone would have. So swiftly they spun us into their ending song…

Enticing the masses with an acoustic beginning to an acclaimed track, the line ‘He’s got a brand new car… look’s like jaguar’ ricocheted off the rafters as the ‘cd player’ stuck on repeat in our heads after Buck Rogers ended the set. Applauds ruptured at the black out, and an encore was greeted with vocalised praise for the band.


Following the bands from their roots, I still to this day find their early days the greatest. Feeder will remain on my playlist, but most likely for moments when I’m reminiscing, with their 2016 album out now, decide for yourself…

For more pictures from the gig visit the Gig Junkies Flickr Page.

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  1. Ellen Taylor Says:

    I`m surprised you didn`t recognise (or feature) the guitarist in Feeder…Tommy Gleeson the ex-front man from Slaves To Gravity…he has added some real grit to the band IMHO

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