Gig Review by David Stone with Photography by Jessica Stone

“25 years of Feeder, eh? Aren’t you sick to death of us!?” exclaimed frontman Grant Nicholas, around half-a dozen songs into a raucous 2-hour set at a sold-out Bristol O2 Academy on Wednesday, 7th March!


The answer? Evidently not, as the 1600+ capacity venue was absolutely packed with fans hanging on every word, note and beat from the Welsh rockers – families and revellers filling the floor, snaking up the staircases and lining the walls around the outsides of the venue throughout.

Feeder are currently in the midst of a tour of the UK & Europe to promote their Greatest Hits album ‘The Best Of’ – featuring hits spanning 21 years of the band’s history. With two centuries of music to celebrate, it’s no surprise the setlist was stacked!


Support for the night came from Tom Speight, who brought a set of folksy-pop tracks to warm up the crowd as they filed in. Carrying an acoustic emblazoned with his own taped-on initials, the London-based singer-songwriter strolled and swayed through a competent and soulful set to get the show underway.

Half an hour later and the hall had taken the leap from just ‘busy’ to ‘absolute sardine can’ and Feeder were ready to take to the stage! Three giant video screens sprang to life, becoming the backdrop for two solid hours of energetic, on-point renditions of the band’s greatest hits.

Feeder 10

Opening with ‘My Perfect Day’, they ran through the first few tracks with a purpose – right up to the first ‘must-see’ moment of the evening. As the band kicked into ‘Feeling A Moment’, a constellation of screens went up across the room to capture it – dozens, if not hundreds of fans looking to grab a lasting memory of one of their favourite tracks being performed live.

After taking just a second to express disbelief that the world’s still so psyched to be seeing Feeder after a quarter of a century, Nicholas launched into ‘Pushing the Senses’ and followed up with ‘Lost & Found’ before handing over the singing duties to those in attendance for an entire chorus of ‘High’.


The audience participation stepped up in the second half, with the band offering song choices and honouring requests both from social media and a young girl who’d met the frontman earlier in the day.

‘Tender’ won out over ‘Piece by Piece’, and ‘Silent Cry’ and ‘Children of the Sun’ provided a brief acoustic interlude around halfway through the set before a “slightly out of tune ‘Cement’” (Grant’s words, not mine!) was chosen over ‘Borders’ later in the night.


The main set closed with the entire room coming completely unglued for the hit combo of ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’ and ‘Buck Rogers’, with the band leaving the stage to almost immediate chants for their return.

A couple of minutes later a three-song encore rounded out the evening, starting with ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’ and ending on another cracking double-shot of ‘Seven Days in the Sun’ and ‘Just A Day’. A fantastic way to round out an incredible trip down memory lane with one of the best and most enduring rock acts in recent memory.



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