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As a long-time fan of Caro Emerald’s I jumped at the chance to review her brand new EP, Emerald Island.

Caro’s sultry jazz voice and catchy songs have attracted fans of all walks of life. She provides a refreshing change to the norm, cutting through the overproduced pop with a spicy, yet smooth, and utterly unique sound.


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So on to Emerald Island, her newest offering to the world. We are treated to 6 songs that transport you to her island paradise. If I were to have a grumble, I am a little disappointed that there are only 6 songs in the album. We’re used to at least double that from the lovely Caro and after waiting 4 years for this album, it does feel a little short.

Grumble out of the way – the songs themselves are exactly what we fans love.

Track list:
Tahitian Skies
Ghost of You
Never Ever
Exotic Flu
The Dark

The first single from this album – Whatchugot – has an irresistibly catchy baseline reminiscent of ‘That Man’ and ‘Doctor Wannado’ it’s bound to appeal to Caro fans all over. That said, my favourite track is Ghost of You which encompasses more of the smouldering jazz sound that, personally, I love.

EP Review: Caro Emerald ‘Emerald Island’

Exotic Flu and The Dark are both instrumental tracks which really sound like their titles. I don’t always enjoy the instrumentals, but these have real re-listen-ability with something new discovered on each listen
Emerald Island may be short, but it really delivers. It’s out now in all the usual places and I hear she’s on tour too – so maybe check that out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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