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The kings of 2000s era comedy rock graced Leamington with their presence for a fun show full of their favourite hits and a couple of surprises from their albums since. We weren’t in a Gay Bar, but the Dance Commander implied there would be Danger! If there wasn’t any Improper Dancing going on by the end. Don’t know what I’m on about? That means you’ve not met Electric Six before.

Electric 6 3

But before the main event, we were treated to 2 support acts. The first of the two were local boys, Arthur & the Invincibles. A 4-piece from leamington who graced us with a bit of punk mixed with a bit of indie. I was very impressed with their set and have promptly taken to iTunes to get some of their tracks. Go see them if you can, they’re well worth it and sound great live.

Arthur and the invincibles

The second support was DSM4 with a more ethereal, synth vibe to them. If I’m honest, I didn’t like these guys as much – but that’s a matter of taste rather than quality. Their set was extremely well received by the crowd who loved the lead singers antics – climbing on the barriers, jumping into the crowd and going up to the bar for some red bull mid-set. I did wonder if the venue management were going to ask him to come down!


A quick note about the venue, while I’m on the subject. I’d not been to the zephyr lounge before, and I’d go again but it would be nice for them to sort out the venue a little. I’ve been to a lot of grungy music bars but this one was up there as one of the worst. The vents in the ceiling had been taped up so no air was moving around which, in August, was a huge problem. The place became a total sweatbox very quickly. Add to that the toilets (the ladies at least) with broken seats, broken locks, no paper, no working dryers and taps that fall off in your hand – it wasn’t good.

Electric 6 9

Anyway – this isn’t tripadvisor and you want to know about Electric six!

Electric Six shot to notoriety sometime in the 2000s with their off the wall hits and not-so-tongue-in-cheek humour. For a while there you couldn’t say ‘danger’ in a sentence without someone saying ‘high voltage’ in reply. However, that’s about where my knowledge of the band stopped. I loved their hits but hadn’t really kept up with them since.

Electric 6 7

But, they’ve not been resting on their laurels all this time, oh no. They’ve been releasing albums steadily for a long time now. Front man, Dick Valentine, has also been releasing a series of erotic novels on the side. They’ve been very busy indeed.

Their energetic set took us on a journey through their musical career whilst peppering in their biggest hits along the way. It’s a refreshing change from the usual formula of putting the best known songs in the encore to keep everyone there.

Electric 6 6

Of course the roof was blown off when the familiar opening riff of Gay Bar started playing, but the crowd were more educated than me in their newer tracks as they sang and danced along with every single song.

So despite the fact that we were all in a sauna with broken toilets, everyone had a great time and the band played with High Voltage energy. OK, I’ll stop the puns now.

Electric 6 2

Right – I’m off to check out their newer albums. Want to join me?

Set list:
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Naked Pictures (of Your Mother)
Satanic Wheels
Down at McDonnelzzz
The New Shampoo
Gay Bar
How Dare You?
Arrive Alive
Randy’s Hot Tonight!
The Hotel Mary Chang
Infected Girls
Improper Dancing
(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone?
Danger! High Voltage
Dance Epidemic
I Buy the Drugs
Dance Commander

Electric 6 4

Electric 6 1

2 Responses to “Electric Six + Arthur & the Invincibles + DSM4 at Zephyr Lounge, Leamington, UK – 26th August 2018”

  1. Mike pope Says:

    Went to see electric six 28/08/18 reading fantastic night never disappoints

  2. Shaun Says:

    Saw E6 at Fleece Bristol. Bloody brilliant. And so were DSM4!!
    Great night out.

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