Editors at Manchester Cathedral, UK – 5th March 2018

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Gig Review + Photography by Gary Mather

Editors, a band that could easily sell out some of Manchester’s bigger venues such as The Apollo and The Academy yet here I find myself in a queue from Indie kids to Grandmas and Grandads wrapped around The Cathedral in the pouring rain on the second night of their three-date album launch tour.


An intimate venue that holds just over a thousand people but a perfect gothic setting for Tom’s haunting and ethereal vocals.

With the new album Violence fast approaching, Editors came to Manchester to showcase the new album along with a myriad of fan favourites from the past.



With smoke billowing from the stage and covering the Cathedral’s vaulted architecture, Editors took to the tiny stage within touching distance of the audience to rapturous applause and wasted no time in introducing the fans to the new track ‘Hallelujah (So Low)’, which was met with great enthusiasm and bellowed out between the Cathedral’s pillars.

Sandwiching in old favourites with the new, meant there was never really a lull as can often be the case when a band is showcasing unfamiliar new material. ‘A Ton of Love’ was played out before another new song, ‘Darkness at The Door’.



Suddenly the crowd really came to life as ‘Formaldahyde’ resonated through the space, followed by the title track from the new album Violence plus tracks ‘No Harm’ and ‘Sugar’.

Without giving the fans a chance to catch their breath they are taken right back to the first album The Back Room with a triple whammy ‘Lights’ followed by a subliminal performance of ‘Blood’ with the Cathedral engulfed in red lights and smoke and concluding with ‘Munich’.



Followed by more songs off the new album including ‘Nothingness’, ‘Cold’ and ‘Magazine’ beside more of Editors’ impressive back catalogue we come towards the end of the set.

After a brief moment off-stage Tom returns alone guitar in hand for my highlight of the night, an acoustic version of ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ every hair stood on end as the crowd sung back every word.



Taking to the piano the mood was taken back up a notch with a raucous rendition of ‘Racing Rats’ and ‘Papillon’ with a spine chilling ‘Marching Orders’ to end a perfect rainy night in Manchester where live music wins once again.

Set List:
Hallelujah (So Low)
A Ton Of Love
Darkness At The Door
No Harm
An End Has A Start
In This Light And On This Evening
Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
Ocean Of Night
Smokers Outside The Hospital door
The Racing Rats
Marching Orders


See the complete photoset here.

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    Beautiful pictures!!! That was such an amazing gig ^^ Do you happen to have some of the crowd? Always keen so find some of me and a big smile on my face ^^

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