Review by Hayley Clark with photography by Ian Dunn.

When Echobelly announced new album ‘Anarchy and Alchemy’ after a thirteen year hiatus it took me right back down memory lane, staying over at my nan’s on a Friday night as a twelve year old and raiding my 28 year old uncles CD, to collection nostalgically playing the likes of Oasis, Space, Sleeper and the mystical sounds and poignant lyrics from Sonya Madam belting out ‘King Of The Kerb’.


The Jack Fletcher Band were the second of two supports, drums banging, guitars rifting and bass bouncing as the four piece indie rock boys from Wolverhampton warmed up the nostalgic crowd with tracks ‘The Assassin’, ‘Dreamer’ and latest track released on Facebook ‘Has It All Gone Wrong.’



The initial sound problems of the institute did not deter the Brit pop legends with original guitarist Glenn, the only other member that remained from platinum album days, as  heartbeat sounded n the background the band emerged to a 95 percent male crowd clapping Sonya’s entrance.


Boasting an after party for the new album with the ticket, the crowd were treated to a hour of enchantment,  live guitars and the incredible vocals that made them famous , taking the crowd with them on a roller coaster of emotions both new and old but a similar infectious beat. Latest releases ‘Hey Hey Hey’ and ‘Monitor’ coaxed the crowd to sing alongside crowd favourites ‘World Without Me’ and ‘Great Things.’


Sonya beamed  rocking around the stage to album tracks  ‘Natural Animals’ and title track ‘Anarchy and Alchemy’ and the crowd shouted for more as the live music took a premature end. Returning on stage for the two song encore the crowd went wild as the guitars struck up and took us back to 1995 and Echobelly anthem ‘King Of The Kerb.’

Echobelly have four further dates in the UK playing Sheffield on the 26th May, York on the 27th before returning to London June 15th and Portsmouth August 26th as part of the Victorious Festival, if you fancy some real music or a trip down nostalgia lane get your tickets soon, there’s no need to compromise.

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  1. Richard Says:

    It’s “Molotov”, not “Monitor”

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