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It’s a cold, wet, and frankly horrible night in Birmingham. Yet upon entering the O2 Institute for a night with Easy Life, the atmosphere suddenly washed anyway the hints of cold air that were loitering around.

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The evening kicked off with a DJ set from Wolverhampton’s Jacky.P, who made sure the crowd were ready for a night by blasting out everything from Kendrick Lamar to OutKast’s classic, Miss Jackson. Followed up by a set from London rapper Che Lingo, the wet weather had been well and truly banished ready for the main event.

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Easy Life have been progressively making a name for themselves in music scene in recent months with their signature slow-jams and indie pop tunes; their sold-out Keep Your Brain Clean tour practically speaks for itself.

Having recently made their debut TV appearance on Later…With Jools Holland and had their music picked up by BBC Radio One’s Jack Saunders, the year’s already looking pretty busy for Easy Life.

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This five-piece from Leicester may only be beginning to scratch the surface of what I’m pretty sure is going to be a sensational career, but there was no denying that their Birmingham crowd knew their name with the loud and clear chants of “Easy Life, Easy Life…”

Effortlessly singing back lyrics to every song that appeared through their 50-minute set-list, even the latest releases Sunday and Afters from their Spaceships Mixtape. The crowd were certainly willing to give Easy Life a warm welcome to Birmingham.

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Over the next few months Easy Life is looking pretty golden, too. They’ve got appearances booked at multiple festivals including Coachella, Parklife and Boardmasters, immediately followed by yet another UK tour in October.

They’re more than keen to spread the word about their slow-jams and super-edgy pop tunes, and you can be sure that they want you to know it. You’ve just got to be willing to have a sing and a dance – sign me right up.

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Taking to the stage just after 9pm and opening with Ice Cream, taken from the Creature Habits Mixtape, there was a huge sense of buzz that launched and transcended throughout their entire set. It seemed as though everyone was up for a good night, and Easy Life delivered a great night – and then some.

Performing on stage is one thing, bringing stages presence that sees the crowd constantly shouting for “one more song” is another, but there’s something about watching this group bring their A Game that I, and the rest of the crowd couldn’t seem to get enough of.

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Their music is something that can be loved when it’s playing through your headphones on a Sunday morning, no problem, but an Easy Life gig is something that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the sheer talent that lays within this group.

Layers of seductive brass tones paired with slick and catchy vocals delivered to an utterly irresistible level, mean that you’re practically hooked in from the get-go.

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From the laid-back Slow Motion to the faster-paced Nightmares and Pockets, Easy Life are coming for 2019 all guns blazing, and it won’t be long before they’re chasing some of the top acts in the country. Trust me when I say they are certainly ones to watch and you’ll want to join them every step of the way.

Set List
Ice Cream
Temporary Love Part 1
Slow Motion
House Plants
Wet Weekend

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