Built To Spill

There seems to be a bit of an indie revival going on at the moment. What with Slint marking the release of their landmark album ‘Spiderland’ last year by playing it live, and with Pavement currently hitting the road, now it’s the turn of Built To Spill, who sound eerily like Stephen Malkmus and co, although a three guitar line up gives them a lush edge to their jangly antics, with their Hendrix-esque freakout moments. Frontman Doug Martsch is a low key but steady presence at the microphone, but then the crowd weren’t here for flashy.

Dinosaur Jr

J. Mascus is even more enigmatic. He comes on stage, briefly mumbles an apology for something or other, and then cranks up his guitar along with the rest of Dinosaur Jr.. Initial doubts about Academy sound system coping with his somewhat unique approach to guitar playing is soon dispelled by the glorious racket peeling out of the speakers.

Dinosaur Jr

Ultra-distorted guitar rings out as clear as crystals, and a rhythm section steadier than an elephant stuffed with bricks, all add up to near religious fulfilment for this Sunday crowd. Like all good indie gigs, these twin headliners provided a magic moment, where all consideration for time is lost, and even if you don’t know the tunes you lose yourself in the music. Let’s hope it doesn’t feel like forever waiting for these two to come back again!

Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur Jr

Words by Steve Jones
Photos by Gobinder Jhitta

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