Gig Review by Abbie Watkiss with Photography by Sophie Jones

Demi Lovato is set to perform at the Arena Birmingham after having to reschedule the originally date 12th June due to illness; this will be the last date of her UK/European Tell Me You Love Me Tour.


The stage is set and the lights go down and from the shadows Demi rose from the stage floor to an eruption of cheering and went into performing ‘You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore’ before being joined by her dance crew for ‘Daddy Issues’ and popular track ‘Cool For The Summer’ which saw Demi get up close and flirtatious with her female and male dancers, which the crowd lapped up.


Demi disappeared through the stage floor and rose again in a boxing style outfit accompanied by her dance team all looking like they were about to step into the ring, again she disappeared through the floor and within a few minutes rose again to perform ‘Concentrate’ on a white-sheeted bed dressed in a white gown and lingerie. Demi then dedicated ‘Cry Baby’ to anybody that’s had their heart broken which saw two male dancers performing an emotional, intense routine which I can only describe as ballet style with the moves they were performing.


Demi spoke with the fans numerous times throughout the show saying how thankful she was for the fans and that Birmingham was the last date of the tour and she hadn’t found herself an European Boyfriend or Girlfriend to which the fans responded to by holding up signs “Demi Marry Me” and “I Love You Demi”. She continued to talk with the crowd saying, “There was this little girl from Texas, That’s Me! Who grew up singing to Christine Aguilera every day into my karaoke machine? I never thought I’d get to sing with my idol and this song is so important to me and it’s an important message for little girls and women not to fall in line” she then went onto perform Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fall in Line’ on which Demi features.


Whilst Demi was performing members of her dance crew could be seen from the side line cheering her on and having a good time whilst they waited to come on stage for their number; some of the dancers whilst waiting were more than happy to have selfies with the fans in the VIP pit area.


After a few energetic numbers ‘No Promises’ (Cheat Codes Cover), ‘Solo’ (Clean Bandit Cover) and the one track that had everybody dancing and singing along ‘Échame La Culpa’. Demi then said she’s going to slow things down and took the center stage on a piano, she went on to praise the lighting for tonight’s show and that for once she could actually see the fans, usually she’s blinded by the lights and can’t see the room but she sounded so happy she could see out across the arena and see everyone’s faces and make an effort to make eye contact and a connection with each person saying “she’s not seen another fan base that is so loyal and that without those loyal fans she wouldn’t be here today”, you could hear the sentiment in her force before going into her song ‘Warrior’ to which everyone turned on their mobile lights to light up the arena.



To end the night after performing ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Demi and members of her team soaked her dance crew with super soaker pistols as they all ran, slipped and slid across the floor to which Demi said “try dancing on that now”, as she previously mentioned there had been a lot of pranks on this tour. She concluded the night with ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ and disappeared through the stage floor one more time holding a bunch of roses as the fans cheered on.



You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore
Daddy Issues
Cool For The Summer
Sexy Dirty Love
Heart Attack
Give Your Heart A Break
Cry Baby
No Promises (Cheat Codes)
Èchame La Culpa (Luis Fosni)
Solo (Clean Bandit)
Fall In Love (Christina Aguilera)
Sorry Not Sorry
Tell Me You Love Me


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