Gig Review by Zak Edwards / Gig Photos by Bianca Barrett

Deap Vally

With the obvious exception of the cheeky girls, any all-girl outfit that turn up on stage wearing nothing but hot pants and a skimpy top are alright in my book – regardless of their musical capabilities.

Prior to that, a packed Rainbow, Digbeth, greeted the two siblings from Sheffield intriguingly entitled Drenge.


In a throwback to the days of Sonic Youth with distortion turned well and truly up to 11, the youngster from the Steel City produced a 30 minute set which primarily constituted of what I’d class as well delivered ‘teenage angst’.

Musically, they are tight delivering a riff-laden blend of drum filled rock. They’ve certainly got a lot of noise surrounding them at the minute – both literally and figuratively, but vocally it didn’t seem too comfortable for the singer, or maybe he was being cool, but he didn’t seem overly bothered. Have they got a sister who can step into the breach?

When they delivered what I would call a more melodic song, it actually roused a better reception from the audience. Maybe they should introduce a little more variety into their set – futuristic food for thought perhaps?

“Here’s ‘Blood Sport’, our next single which you’ll love as it’s so fuckin good!” they announced half way through their set. True enough, the Brummie audience lapped it up.

Famous brothers have made the headlines in years gone by with their heady antics – from Noel and Liam of Oasis fame through to the little less raucous Everly’s and the quite outrageous Jacksons. It remains to see where Drenge will sit on the spectrum but I’m sure it will be eventful.

Deap Vally

Next up another 2 piece who are making plenty of rumblings at the moment – Deap Vally.

Kicking off with the stomping ‘Baby I Call Hell’ combining the howling vocal and banging rhythm which has quickly become their signature sound, the ‘Woah Woah Woah’ repetitive chorus certainly set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Comprising singer Lindsey Troy – herself reminiscent of a young Suzi Quatro, combining all the sex appeal and gritty vocal, alongside the ‘cool as shit’ drummer Julie Edwards, it was easy to see why Deap Vally are amongst the current media darlings as they pelted into their next tune, new single ‘Lies’.

Deap Vally

Pausing to take a drink from a fan, ‘Raw Material’ followed which can only be described as a hardcore N.E.R.D. like rap tune with a repetitive run-down riff on guitar. Unfortunately it was this tune that showed their limitations musically. They’ve obviously got a niche which they will appeal to, but in my opinion it’s very much based on their sex appeal and unique persona instead of their musical and vocal capabilities.

A self-induced interlude followed with “some secret heavy shit going down” (which later transpired to be the fact that Miss Troy didn’t have her phone – potential Diva moment?) and then it was back on with the show and current single ‘Gonna Make My own Money’ – the fans favourite.

Deap Vally

Unfortunately the set played by the duo was fairly short, totalling 8 songs and no encore. True, they’ve certainly got a ‘je ne sais qua” but for me, if they are to have any sort of longevity in the music industry they need to add a few more strings to their musical bow, otherwise I’m afraid it may be a fairly short shelf life. Their current sound is interesting for sure, but very one dimensional.

Set list: Baby I Call Hell / Lies / Raw Material / Ain’t Fair / Gonna Make My Own Money / Creep Life / Walk Of Shame / End of The World

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