Photography and Review by Hollie Turner

Daughtry had the O2 Academy Birmingham singing along like a choir as they embarked on Birmingham to kick off their current ‘It’s Not Over… The Hits So Far’ tour.

Supporting Daughtry tonight was U.K rock band Strange Bones who opened up the night to a very receptive crowd and who have just been announced to play this years Download Festival.


Although Chris Daughtry’s mic appeared to have a couple of sound issues at the beginning of the show, like a true pro he continued with no hesitation at all despite his mic cutting out for seconds at a time at the start of the set.

Opening with new track ‘Go Down’ Daughtry bounded around the stage in a fantastic mood with great enthusiasm for the crowd. By the third track in the set ‘Feels Like Tonight’ – Chris had got off the stage to fist pump with some fans on the front row.



Going into ‘Waiting for Superman’ the crowd began to sing louder and get more eager at the songs taken from the bands latest greatest hits album.



Daughtry first made a name for themselves on the popular, long running stateside T.V talent show ‘American Idol’ where they ended in fourth place within the fifth season.  Lead singer and namesake Chris, commented to ‘trust him, it was a good thing’ as he told the Birmingham crowd that the U.K are always some of the most badass crowds that the band play to.  Chris was continuously appreciative of his fans throughout the show, holding hands with them, getting off stage and throwing out picks to the crowd – even up to people on the balcony.  The band were even at one point helping to point out people who had passed out within the crowd to security members who hadn’t seen them.



Before beginning ‘Renegade’ Chris opted for a rock and roll moment, and asked venue security for a couple of cups of water that they were handing out to crowd members, before proceeding to hurl them into the centre of the masses, much to the enjoyment of the people screaming for him to do it.


Classic Daughtry hit ‘It’s Not Over’ had the Academy erupt with delight and singing along word for word. It was beautiful how loud the crowd sang along to the band throughout the entire set.

‘Long Live Rock & Roll’ is a personal favourite of mine from Daughtry’s ‘Baptised’ album. I’d been waiting for this song in particular and it did not disappoint. A song telling the story of many great musicians from Kurt Cobain to Janis Joplin within it’s lyrics, and championing rock and roll in it’s chorus with hope that it never dies, had most of the audience singing word for word ‘long live big guitars, and music for the soul’ like it was gospel. I even spotted a pensioner up on the front row of the balcony giving it everything he had!


The band then played new track ‘Torches’. Chris then told a short story about the beginnings of the next song and playing it acoustically to record producer to the greats Clive Davis, who founded the likes of Whitney Houston, before he started to play and sing ‘Home’.


Chris was then handed a towel to dry down his face, before he then (in style) decided to throw this sweaty souvenir out to a crowd member in the middle of the Academy who caught it in one swipe.


The band ended with a tribute to Prince and although I’d like to say I’m bored of hearing bands and artists cover Prince and making tributes now – I really enjoyed some ‘Purple Rain’ along with the crowd, to close this fantastic show.


Set List:

Go Down
Outta My Head
Feels Like Tonight
Waiting For Superman
Tennessee Line
Phil Collins Cover – In The Air Tonight
What About Now
It’s Not Over
Over You
Long Live Rock & Roll
Prince Cover – Purple Rain

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