Cradle of Filth @ o2 Institute Birmingham – 4 November 2017

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Gig Review and Photography by Neale Hayes.

Cradle of Filth take to Birmingham’s 02 Institute venue tonight after Dani’s break away with his side band Devilment. The band has garnered a large cult following since it’s formation in 1991; signing to Nuclear Blast Records and frequenting the likes of Download and Ozzfest.

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On tour promoting their latest record release ‘Cryptorania’ (2017), in which they played 3 songs from, 2 from ‘Nymphetamine’ (2004), 2 from ‘Cruelty and the Beast’ (1998), and one from ‘Bitter Suites to Succubi’ (2001) , ‘Damnation and a Day’ (2003), ‘Dusk and Her Embrace’ (1996), ‘Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder: The Life and Crimes of Gilles de Rais’ (2008),’ Hammer of the Witches’ (2015) and ‘Midian’ (2000). Their back catalogue is evident and they’re keen on showcasing every ounce of it.

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Arriving on stage to a fully packed out venue and Dani sporting his Demonic make-up and spiked armour costume, they dived straight into their set with ‘Gilded Cunt’ from ‘Nymphetamine’ (2004); fast and with the signature glam guitars blasting throughout the venue.

‘Beneath the Howling Stars’ (1998) and ‘Blackest Magick in Practise’ (2015) provided the audience with some old and new; the older stuff being very niche and lyrically complex, with the style becoming more accessible in newer songs; becoming more reminiscient of death metal rather than symphonic black metal. During these songs, C02 cannons fired in an upward direction and a mosh pit had somehow formed in the jumble of bodies cramping the room.

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‘Bathory Aria’ (1998), bearing strong resembles to the likes of Dimmu Borgir, gains impact from the epic keyboard work and Dani’s sorrowful vocal style; with highs that could shatter windows. Going even earlier to ‘Dusk and Her Embrace’ (1996), and the guitar pace is picked up to blistering heights; with the showy groove still bearing strength. Here it’s evident that the band weren’t trying to impress anyone and the style is much more ‘them’ than their earlier, more mainstream work.

Sometimes refinement of style to suit a wider audience can be a revelation however; ‘You Will Know the Lion by His Claw’ (2017), political and contextual in nature, the older progressive nature is still present with changes of moods and tones throughout and the writing is as on point as ever.

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The encore consisted of the song ‘Her Ghost in the Fog’ (2000) which I was very glad they played; deep and symphonic, Dani reminding me of Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath more than ever.

Cradle of Filth have still got it, just how long will this band be around for? Well if they keep dropping albums this tasty then I hope they give as much as they can.

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