Review and photography by Noradila Nordin.

With the sudden appearance of DEAN supporting fellow Club Eskimo crew member Crush on his show in London last year, fans were left with hopes, anticipating DEAN’s to have his own European Tour one day. Dreams do come true! Rebels (the fandom name) rejoiced when London was announced as one of the stops! DEAN, a talented South Korean singer songwriter, together with Club Eskimo crew members MISO and 2xxx!, and SAAY, performed a two-days shows on Saturday and a sold out Sunday, leaving fans to an unforgettable weekend!



Following the Saturday show success, Sunday was more than one can imagine! Fans were queuing hours before the event started, making passerby curious of the artist performing.  Rebels were touched by DEAN’s and the touring staffs’ kindness when The Yoo Group bought pizza for the fans waiting in the queues outside the venue; ensuring the fans to at least eaten something before the show.

DEAN and the crew were on the KOKO balcony a little while before fans were let in, checking out the huge crowd, and waving to the fans to show their appreciation for the support. The fans got more excited than before!

The show started slightly later than the expected time. 2xxx! DJ took his stand on the stage and played a mixture of selected songs to get everyone pumped. The venue got heated when DEAN, MISO and SAAY joined 2xxx! on stage; dancing, enjoying the vibe and introducing the performers for the show. Fans were given a sneak peak of what to expect later on with a showcase of individual talent; sexy SAAY showing her moves, DEAN’s body rolls and MISO’s, slightly shy but adorable dance. Loud cheers filled up the venue each time the members showed their moves.


Universal Music Korea’s newest signee SAAY took the stage by storm, performing her own songs and all eyes were on her, powerful vocals, sharp dance moves and oozed with sexiness. She owned the stage! SAAY may not be a member of Club Eskimo, but no matter,  announced her first official album to be released and introduced the song “Circle” before proceeded to sing. SAAY had an enormous stage presence, getting close and personal with the crowd, communicating with the crowd after every song, and the crowd could not get enough of her! They kept chanting her name. Her debut is one to watch for!




Next was MISO, appeared to be the quiet and shy member in the group. She used to study in Paris and said, performing in Europe made her feel like she’s coming back home. Blessed with a lovely soothing voice, the crowd were seen swaying, moving their bodies side to side, indulging the relaxing grooves; coming at the right time to prepare the crowd mentally and physically for DEAN.



Finally, the one everyone been eagerly waiting for, DEAN stepped onto the stage and Rebels could not contain themselves! DEAN started with “Put My Hands on You” and had the fans singing along, impressing them with his vocal, song after song. In the four floors fan-packed venue, DEAN moved from one side of the stage to the other, trying to get as close as possible to the fans. He was even standing on the speakers to get closer! DEAN went into the pit on Saturday and fans were pushing to get to the front, closer to him.



Apart from his amazing vocal, DEAN was also rapping ZICO’s verse in “Bermuda Triangle” with ease. Rebels were blown away! Vocal, rap, body rolls, fans were left speechless! DEAN continued with the beautiful ballad “D(half moon)” and asked the fans to have their phone lights on giving the impression of stars in the dark, illuminating the stage. Everyone was swaying to the song.

Performing the last few songs including ‘I’m Not Sorry’, DEAN finished his set and 2xxx! was back on stage playing more songs for the closing set. He was joined by the others members, indulging the last half an hour on stage before bidding their final goodbyes. DEAN, 2xxx!, MISO and SAAY took a group photo with the crowd before exiting the stage. Rebels left the venue feeling extremely satisfied and it was definitely a night to remember.




I was fortunate enough to have attended both shows, and I must say, while Saturday was great, Sunday topped it off! DEAN truly proved his worth as one of the renowned Korean RnB artists not to be missed.

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