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Chuck Ragan

Coming into the gig Billy the Kid was somewhat of an unknown to me but like all Chuck Ragan gigs the support never disappoints. Ever since The Revival Tour days you could always guarantee if you hadn’t heard of the the other acts before, you would end up loving them before you left, and Billy The Kid is no different. A shy but confident woman took to the stage with just an acoustic guitar and microphone and eases her way through a great performance. It’s safe to say I will be going home and listening to some more of her music.

Billy the Kid
Billy the KidBilly the Kid

Having been introduced to Northcote last year through fellow musical partner Dave Hause, I couldn’t have been more happier when I saw he had been added to this tour. Having been an unknown to me last time around meant I didn’t know any songs, but this time round it was very different. Singing each song word for word i and the rest of the crowd enjoyed it leaving us all hoping for a headline tour of his own in the future.


Headline act Chuck Ragan has always been a pioneer in Punk music for the best part of 20 years with Hot Water Music and various other projects, but over the past couple of years it has been his blend of folk rock that has been that has been the highlight. He opens his set with ‘Something May Catch Fire’, the first single off his most recent effort ‘Till Midnight’. A selection of songs from ‘Covering Ground’ and ‘Gold Country’ soon followed to the delight of the crowd. Putting 110% into his performance a sweat drenched Chuck and his trusted Camarderie, Jon Gaunt (violin) and Joe Ginsberg (bass) launch into fan favourites ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Let It Rain’ before finishing on Meet You In The Middle’ the song that was written on the Gaslight Anthem tour four years ago.

Chuck Ragan

After chants for an encore he returns to the stage minus the Camarderie, Chuck once again thanks fans for helping him get to where he is now before mentioning that it happens to be the 20th anniversary of Hot Water Music. A beautiful rendition of ‘Drag My Body’ off the latest Hot Water Music album ‘Exister’ soon followed before being rejoined by his band for the final two songs of the night.

Chuck Ragan

Once again tonight Chuck Ragan has shown how good of a performer he really is. His gigs always bring both artists and fans closer together by joining both support acts during their set before staying behind after his own and meeting every last fan to hear their story about how much his music means to them.

Chuck Ragan

Chuck Ragan Setlist: Something May Catch Fire // Nomad By Fate // The Trench // Gave My Heart // Whistleblowers Song // Rotterdam // Let It Rain // Bedroll Lullaby // You Get What You Give // Revved // Vagabond // Nothing Left To Prove // You And I Alone // Non Typical // Right As Rain // The Boat // Meet You In The Middle.

Encore: Drag My Body (Hot Water Music Cover) // For Broken Ears // California Burritos.

Chuck RaganChuck Ragan

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