Charlotte Church @ o2 Institute Birmingham – 12 May 2017

Posted by Zyllah Moranne-Brown on Friday May 12, 2017 Under Alternative, Indie, Pop

Review by Jessica Goodman with photography by Rob Hadley.

“Down the dark, dark stairs, upon the bloody gallows of soft rock, through the oubliette of cheese, into the torture chamber of disco…” So begins the description of Charlotte Church‘s ‘Late Night Pop Dungeon’. Sure, Birmingham’s O2 Institute might be a sight too spacious and sparkly to pass as an actual dungeon, but descending the stairs and walking towards the stage front there’s every sense of entering a whole new world.



That’s exactly what Charlotte Church and her band of merry musicians offer. Dressed in costume, armed with a repertoire of anthems taken from the karaoke night of your wildest dreams, the outfit take their places under the stage lights with one purpose in mind: celebration. And what a celebration it is.




Performing everything from Missy Elliot to MIA, this is a group that don’t just love pop music, but truly understand what makes it tick. Switching between Black Sabbath and Amerie, mixing Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ into Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’, these are your favourite anthems as you’ve never heard them before.



Whether showcasing synchronised routines, ribbon dancing, or throwing giant inflatable balloons over the crowd, the band revel in every moment they spend on stage – and the audience do much the same. This is pop music at its weirdest and most wonderful, the energy of the night ignited by enthusiasm and elation in every chorus hook. It’s unabashed contagion, entertainment purpose built to excite.



As they end on a medley of R. Kelly’s greatest hits, the spirit of the Late Night Pop Dungeon is one every attendee takes with them as they make their way out of the venue doors. Born out of a love for songs that make you feel good, this is an experience truly unlike any other.

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