Review + Photography by Kat Storey

Caro Emerald and her brand of jazzy, sultry swing graced the Symphony Hall for a night of fun and humid-holiday vibes, a welcome break on a chilly October evening.


Firstly, a word about the support act, Loren Nine. I’ve been shooting and reviewing gigs for a long time now and, barring a very young Ed Sheeran supporting Just Jack several years ago, I haven’t had much luck with support acts. That all changed this year as I’ve discovered some great new performers, Loren Nine is no exception.

She humbly takes the stage, just her voice and a keyboard, but her smooth voice filled the auditorium. She tells us that she has very recently signed to a record label so I’ll be seeking out her mellon collie love songs on iTunes now!



Now, on to the main act: Caro Emerald. I’ve been a big fan of Caro for a while now, I just love her music. Sometimes Electro-swing, sometimes upbeat party tunes, sometimes slow, seductive love songs, but always infused with exotic holiday vibes that transport you to a humid dusky evening on a beach somewhere hot.

After the first few songs, Caro tells us that she is fighting off a cold and losing her voice. I won’t pretend I didn’t notice, but she soldiered on and still sounded amazing, even if she was struggling a little.



Caro’s music wouldn’t be complete without her band. It’s so refreshing to see a complete band on stage with the artist. Each band member played with vigor and infectious enthusiasm, and the instruments were fantastic; bongos setting the tropical mood, brass to bring the party, upright bass underpinning the jazz and much much more.

The band, in fact, were just as much a part of the show as Caro herself, often taking centre stage and showing off their musical prowess.



Caro’s music clearly speaks to people from all walks of life. I was a little surprised to see the crowd was predominantly a little older than I was expecting, but I loved to see the crowd come to life when she broke into ‘Liquid Lunch’ – I could see faces all around me light up with glee as people everywhere simply couldn’t resist any more and jumped out of their seats to dance along with her.

Overall, I had a great time partying with Caro Emerald, and I hope she starts to feel better soon. I’ll definitely be back, and would recommend you try to catch her if you can on the rest of her tour.



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