Gig Review + Photography by Sophie Jones

It’s a freezing cold night out in Birmingham but outside the O2 Institute there’s a crowd drawing to see Bury Tomorrow and I personally couldn’t think of a better way to end my gigging year, as these boys always bring the fire. 

The Lights go down and a purple haze of light is cast across the stage as the lads take their places creating a series of silhouettes but within moments chaos erupts with a frenzy of lights resulting in the crowd going mental from the get go, fuelling the band’s energies to go higher and this was just the first track of their set.



Following ‘No Less Violent’ came title track from their fourth studio album ‘Earthbound’ which just amped up the crowd even more, who’d have thought that was possible and so early on in the night; it saw the audience flowing forward with continuous crowd surfing along with everyone screaming along.

Whilst shooting Dani opened up a bottle of water and gestured to the other photographers and myself to move out the way just before he sprayed out water from his mouth following him scattering the remains of the bottle over the crowd. Now most artists that do this give you no heads up and you and your equipment end up covered so shout out to Dani for the respect and courtesy that he gives.



Now not even half way into the set ‘An Honorable Reign’ sees the place open up as Dani gestured the crowd to part ways and this wasn’t going to be the first time. There were mosh pits galore, circle pits, and endless crowd surfing also a wall of death; the crowd participation was at 100%.

The set was mainly dominated with new tracks from their fifth studio album ‘Black Flame’ which of course it would be it’s the Black Flame Tour. While the band stopped for a breather Dani took a moment to thank the crowd for not only getting their fourth album into the charts but picking up a copy of ‘Black Flame’ and getting it into the mainstream charts debuting at position 21.



Overall I don’t think the energy bar could get any higher, people were ready from the get go and it was one be giant happy sweat fest. No person leaving the building that night didn’t have a smile on their face or passing comment on how good the show and energy were from the band.


No Less Violent / 
 / Royal Blood / 
An Honorable Reign / 
More Than Mortal / 
Knife Of Gold / 
The Age / 
Cemetery / 
Last Light / 
Overcast / 
Man On Fire 

My Revenge / 
Black Flame



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