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Lately I have been tending to photograph and review bands from the 90’s! I do listen to new music, heck I have met The Blinders for goodness sake, but the 90’s bands keep coming at me and tonight is a positive bean feast of a line up.


Unfortunately I missed Dodgy (the gig started at 6pm) but I hear they were excellent in a Dodgy-ish sort of a way (not my words) That meant that my first band were The Wildhearts. I have seen this band before and I remember them to be a hard rock outfit of some note and tonight I found out that nothing has changed. The lead singer/guitarist Ginger Wildheart struts the stage sporting a Yorkshire T Shirt and a very colourful guitar. Apparently every song is about York, so the opener ‘Sick of Drugs’ must be a pertinent non-Tripadvisor welcome to the fair city.


Throughout the set there is the now customary “Yorkshire” chant and the man responds in kind my extolling the virtues of god’s own county and the fact that York is a fabulous place to live. One can only assume that’s where he resides :) Banter apart, the music is fabulous and it really begins to warm up the crowd. This tour has meant a revolving headline between The Wildhearts and Terravision and of course tonight Terravision are headlining.


In the middle of all of this however is another 90’s band that really provided an example of the pre-grunge british rock movement, Reef. Now Reef are not as heavy as The Wildhearts, they tend to more bluesy laid back rock – great examples of which are found on the new album ‘Revelalion’. There are of course the rabble rousing songs such as ‘Place Your Hands On’ and they also provide us with a Faces cover in the form of ‘Stay with Me’ which is a real highlight for me. All in all a cracking set, even with the Sheryl Crow stand-in not being Sheryl Crow (She did a fabulous job though) listen to the new album and you will know what I mean.



Now remember this gig is going on in Leeds and for those of you who don’t know the area of West Yorkshire, Bradford is no more than a very small stones-throw from Leeds and of course Terrorvision are from Bradford (if you are a local it’s Bratford – just a tip). So you can imagine that the Academy tonight is packed to the rafters with Terrorvision fans, lots of whom have followed the tour and are really ready for this homecoming show.


For me it is always fabulous to see one of the older bands (let’s remember these guys are knocking 50, not quite Rolling Stones ages, but getting there) play a storming set and, in my most humble opinion, that’s what the boys from Bratford did tonight. Opening with a vaguely Mexican theme (probably a nod to possibly their best known song ‘Tequila’ which they don’t play) the guys storm into a set that has all their hits, well nearly all, such as ‘Josephine’, ‘Alice What’s The Matter’ and a power ride of ‘Do Ya Wanna Go Faster’. It is amazing to see Tony Wright (lead singer) move – he’s like a dervish and it has to be said that, as a concert photographer of some years, he is the most difficult to photograph ever. He still manages to power through though and soon the alloted time draws the Terrorvision party to an end.


It’s one of those gigs however that you feel could go on forever (well a few days at least) and as the two encores draw the show to a close you feel you have been somewhere special and witnessed a gig that won’t happen again soon. Fabulous.


See the complete photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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