Gig Review by Abbie Watkiss with Photography by Sophie Jones


Unfortunately due to traffic around paradise circus I missed out on seeing Yonaka but made it in time to see FEVER 333 and this was something not to be missed. The lights went down and Jason was guided onto the stage; he left the crowd waiting while standing, building up a creepy atmosphere, he appeared to be wearing a sack on his head but he soon threw that to the back of the stage then went into ‘Burn It’ their most recent track.


The crowd was lit up with strong flashing strobe lights, Jason and Stevis started to jump all around the stage frantically. After having a mad moment Jason got the crowd clapping along which led onto ‘We’re Coming  In’ where he ran off the stage and climbed up the seating ridge over the balcony to join the crowd in block one, what a treat for them!

There was plenty of interaction with the crowd. Before playing ‘One Of Us’ to which Jason dedicated to women.


Towards the end of their set, drummer Aric Improta came into the middle of the stage to join the boys then out of no where backflipped then returned to his drum kit while Stevis began swinging his guitar around his head; this really was something special and I think the Fever 333 got their message across that there is a Fever coming…


After a long intense wait Bring Me The Horizon finally entered the stage and as they did the crowd ended up covered in confetti along with the ceiling rig which ended up looking like someone had TP’d the place.

The whole room was soon jumping around and singing along to opening song ‘Mantra’ leading on from this during ‘The House of Wolves’ Oli got the crowd to form a mosh pit against the backdrop of bright lights and smoke cannons filling up the arena; creating an exciting, crazy atmosphere.


Oli got the crowd to jump during ‘Shadow Moses’ where a purple smoke haze filled up the room as symbols flashed up which later formed a star shape logo.

After a throwback medley he shouted “Back to all the shit songs now” before going on to play ‘Can You Feel My Heat’ and ‘Follow You’.



They ended the night with ‘Throne’ which saw the crowd all sit down before leaping up for the chorus; It was an amazing night and definitely not a event to be missed.


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