Review and Photography by Jason Broadhurst

Tonight’s show at The Ritz is a sold out show which is a testament to how strong the two acts are and the fanbase crossover between them both. A lot of people will also be excited about the recent news of The Gaslight Anthem’s recent revival and will most likely even be at the gig come July.


A rather smart looking Dave Hause takes to the stage with another individual who he introduces as his brother and cracks a joke how he is back so often he might as well move to Manchester. You don’t get a much more engaged crowd for a support act than this, as he pauses during ‘Prague (Revive Me)’ the crowd sings the line “But there’s not too many nights like these” back to him.



Brian Fallon walks on stage full of smiles with his band The Howling Weather, which features the familiar face of Ian Perkins, and they quickly burst into ‘A Wonderful Life’. After the song someone within the crowd responds by shouting “where is the checked shirt Brian” to which he responds with how he brought the polka dot shirt out especially for Manchester, one of the many exclusive treats he has up his sleeve for us. Next up on the setlist is the catchy ‘Rosemary’ and one of the brand new songs ‘Forget Me Not’ which goes down a treat.

Brian is in particularly high spirits tonight as he jokes about who is the most famous person he has in his phone (Bruce Springsteen), to which he surprises the crowd by telling them he is going to take a picture of them and send it to him. Apparently later on after the gig The Boss replied saying how Manchester is good music town!



The setlist is a wash of hits spanning his entire career from The Gaslight Anthem, The Horrible Crowes and his solo venture. After finishing one of the songs he spots a couple dancing on the balcony and he says that right there is exactly why he tours and when he goes home these are the nights he remembers.

Returning on his own to the stage after, as he puts it, ‘the fake thing’ of walking off before an encore, he plays a rendition of the Bob Dylan song ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’ before finishing on ‘The 59 Sound’ and ‘See You On The Other Side’. He later took to Instagram to thank Manchester for one of the highlights of his life and he isn’t wrong. Tonight he had a spring in his step, a new found energy in his performances that will leave many fans excited at the prospect at The Gaslight Anthem gigs right around the corner.



Setlist: A Wonderful Life, Rosemary, Forget Me Not, Ladykiller, If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven, Come Wander With Me, Red Lights, Little Nightmares, Crush, Painkillers, Sleepwalkers, Etta James, Among Other Foolish Things, Smoke, Behold the Hurricane
Encore: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, The ’59 Sound, See You On the Other Side


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