Review + Photos by Zoe Shannon

I’ve just had the Mondayest Monday blown away by the ferocious and harmonious sound that was Bloxx, along with some of my hearing. You know what I mean; it’s Monday for a start, I’ve just had one of those days and it’s absolutely pouring with rain. Little did I know, I was about to discover a cure.


First up on stage come five young guys from West Yorkshire. Full Colour start off slow but with each tune, the fun increases. The energy builds, as do they in confidence and power. I’m waiting for them to start leaping about the stage, but being a smaller venue, they already fill it without too much movement. The crowd seem won over by their short set clapping along and tapping toes. Energetic, catchy indie pop.



Second is On Video. Straight away I’m in, the frontman is wearing a cardigan. I’m expecting more indie but these guys are heavier, punkier yet lighter and happier at the same time. I’m struggling to make notes because I’m tapping my pen so much, this is the kind of music I can dance around my room to as I’m reminded of Weezer or Bloc Party (because I’m probably 10 years older than everyone else in the crowd).

The four piece from London are about to release their first EP ‘Claptrap’, which should be out by the time you’re reading this. There’s heavy riffs with melodic surfer tones and a singer with a distinct voice. I found them enjoyable to watch as well as to listen to and look forward to hearing more from them.



Bloxx have been making a name for themselves in the past couple years with big name festival sets and support slots, so now it’s their turn to headline on their UK tour. Their latest song; ‘Go Out With You’ came out last week, and an album is in the pipeline for next year. I hear rumblings about the gig being sold out and as I look around, I am surrounded by people. The crowd has been building throughout the night and now almost everyone is making their way closer to the stage.

As soon as Bloxx start, it’s raucous and an immediate impression is made; these guys come to party. Lead singer Ophelia, is already bleeding and the crowd have surged forward making it difficult for me to get out; we’re one song in.



Trapped between stage and speaker, I’ve no choice but to enjoy the gritty guitar riffs and punk attitudes of a band who are absolutely loving it. New songs like ‘Hey Jenny’ lead into the favourites, ‘Novacain’ gets a huge reaction. They are constantly moving, jumping, dancing, moshing, and laughing with each other and the crowd. As I make my escape from the swelling crowd, I realise I’ve barely even seen the drummer because there has been so much movement from the others while Ophelia commands attention.

I manage the last 3 songs over by the bar and even there, I can feel the floor bouncing beneath my feet as the crowd are going wild. Hands are in the air and every demand for jumping is met with more wobbling floor boards.



The gig is over before I know it, a little disappointingly. But their huge finish is met with a roar and chants for more. Impressively they even head straight from stage to merch desk, to the delight of the fans.

Honestly, I’d not heard of any of these guys before but I’m glad I checked them out. This is what live music is all about; I’ve had my first visit to The Bodega in Nottingham, a really fun night of music and discovered new bands to follow.



Bloxx Setlist:
Sea Blue
Hey Jenny
Second Opinion
Your Boyfriend
Go Out With You



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