Blossoms @ The Leadmill, Sheffield – 4 October 2016

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Gig Review by Olivia Faye Wood with Photography by Megan Levers

Blossoms announced their arrival onto The Leadmill stage with a dazzling show of lights and the roaring introduction of Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ heightened only by the appreciative tones of the fawning crowd. An impressive start.

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This was followed by Blossom’s radio favourites ‘At Most A Kiss’ and ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’, instant hits with the gleeful, jumping crowd. Each member of the crowd seemed to be a number one fan with each and every lyric echoed back to lead singer Tom Ogden. ‘Blow’ with its unashamedly ‘catchy’ chorus continued the sing along, whilst also allowing the true depth of Ogden’s voice to ring out, carrying with it a certain Alex Turner undertone. The slower, somewhat romantic songs were interspersed with cries of ‘marry me!’ presumably directed at Ogden which he largely ignored (he must be used to such proposals by now). ‘Blown Rose’  was yet another favourite with the buoyant movement of the crowd, with Ogden holding up his mic to the singing crowd, clearly impressed, though not surprised at the devotion of his fans.

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With support from the lesser-known Cabbage and up-and-coming Declan McKenna, Blossoms showed their appreciation for the range of talented young bands attempting to break onto the ‘indie-pop’ scene in which Blossoms have found such great success. Their talent onstage and in writing such well-crafted and frankly catchy pop songs is undeniable, and they’ve got their look down to a tee too.

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‘My Favourite Room’ the self-confessed break-up-song of the album began with Ogden’s enquiry to the crowd ‘who’s recently been dumped?’ To the best of my recollection an answering ‘dumpee’ declared a ‘dumper’ to be ‘Abbie’ to which Ogden cried ‘fuck Abbie! …Please tell me she’s not in the corner…’ You couldn’t help but break into a smile as the band descended into a rendition of Babybird’s ‘You’re gorgeous’, with crowd participation of course. As expected, the grand finale had to be ‘Charlemagne’ to which Odgen thanked the audience declaring Sheffield to have been the ‘best crowd of the tour’. An impressive achievement.

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