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I love the Hare & Hounds as a venue but never really associated it with anything heavier than indie tonight that changes as one the most equally anticipated packet of 2018 comes rolling through town.

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Starting the night are an alt rock super group featuring members of Gallows, Sikth, Blackhole and Spy Catcher going by the name of Gold Key. Now two albums in these boys deal in prog tinged alt rock… think Queens of the Stoneage bullying Muse for their lunch money.

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Having loved the output of most of their previous bands I had high hopes when they dropped their debut but it didn’t gel with me. Tonight all that changed. Crunching guitars, swirling melodies and punishing bass lines come together as a feast for the ears. Give the albums a listen if you want something a little different from most of the stuff out there at the mo.

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Following that may have been tricky for some, but for Bossk… I’m not even sure if they knew anyone else was in the room. With incense burning the boys from Kent relentlessly smashed the Hare & Hounds into a sweaty pulp. I’m not going to lie during Atom Smasher I wasn’t sure if I was going to cry or laugh it made me so happy. Their set flew by in a sea of smoke and riffage.

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By the time headliners Black Peaks hit the stage the room is heaving and they waste no time in ripping into Can’t Sleep from their new album All That Divides. I like Black Peaks a lot, but unusually I don’t want to see them in small venues. Their sound is so big it belongs in stadiums and would fill somewhere like NEC with ease. Frontman Will is an unlikely centre piece to a band but is utterly captivating. Hammering melodies into riffs made of granite the band play a shot sharp set made up of songs from both of their albums. For me though the highlight was (and always will be) Crystal Built Castles from their debut album.

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Next time Black Peaks come to Birmingham I can assure you they will be in a venue wayyyy bigger than the Hare & Hounds.

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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