Gig review by John Kennedy / Gig Photos by Ian Dunn


Fickle Twin suck on the septic teat of Anger-Core/Bellicose Snot-Splatter, Depth-Charged Bass and tantrum-fixated guitar Feed-Cack.


Distortion being the default setting sound-mix – one suspects they may have got their gear as a job-lot from next door’s burnt-down Cash Converters’ fire-sale. If not possibly during the actual fire itself.


Their vocalist (and he gave us several reasons to believe he actually might be) blew wind in to the face of caution and mingled with the early-arrival crowd expostulating his tortured agony by reminding us on several occasions that they were from Derby. Evidently a troubled town.

Liverpool trio, Mind Mountain, eschewing the need of vocals, are seriously into late 60s Progressive/Blues.


Approximately a half-hour set and we think there were probably three numbers. Think very early Jethro Tull with Mick Abrahams’ feral mayhem Cat’s Squirrel.(This Was, 1968).


Think The Edgar Broughton Band and Bakerloo Blues Line: if your parents don’t have these albums then check your birth-certificate for clumsy eraser amendments. This was extemporized, free-guitar extended jamming. Think Iron Butterfly – and then ask yourself why you still haven’t heard Eccentric Man by The Groundhogs. Be honest now…

Black Market Karma are a rambling retro-Hippy-fest psychedelic melange d’six Freak-Out.


With fistfuls of plangent guitar reverb, delay, flangers and possibly monkey-tennis tape-loops it was all together beautiful. Imagine an extended Stoned-Henged extemporised riff on Oasis’s To Be Where There’s Life and 1967 Status Quo Pictures Of Matchstick Men. Frightening, isn’t it?


Sadly, just as their mystic mojo got rising the kick-drum broke and it went a bit wobbly as they tried to get it fixed. Perhaps they did but the magic was dissipated. Rule number 1 guys…what goes on stage – stays on stage. Just blag it. What do the punters know? A great evening – and well done you promoters & Flower Power Records (no surprise there!).

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