Ray Quinn Interview and Photography by Sophie Jones

Ray Quinn

GJs: So you’re 5/6 days into the No Man’s Land Tour, How has it been so far?

RQ: It’s been really good, I’ve enjoyed getting back on the road and putting my new music out there, and for me that’s the most important thing really. I guess it’s what the fans have been waiting for and the feedback has been great.

GJs: So you’ve been out the music scene for quite some time now and have been busy over the years on TV shows like Dancing On Ice and being involved in a lot of theatre productions; why now do you think it’s a good time to put out an album after being away from music for so long?

RQ: It’s been 9/10 years now since I’ve brought out music, so for me it was turning over a new leaf. I just thought one day what is it I want to do, I started all this because of my love for music but back then I was a kid I didn’t have a lot of experience in the industry, so now that was on my side little bit I had more knowledge and just thought I’m going to take that chance and go for it and hopefully it pays off.

GJs: Have you stuck with your Jazz, Swing sound like your first record or have you change musical direction?

RQ: Yeah it’s totally changed it’s all pop now. I went off to New York and recorded an EP and came back home and it just didn’t feel right, as it was all swing; I just wanted to get sound, so I went back to the drawing board and it’s all-original music.

Ray Quinn

GJs: With that said what can we expect with the new album?

RQ: Well it’s a bit of a rollercoaster its up and down with its sound. It has a epic sound with a bit of rock-pop but then you’ve got your ballads too, but it’s a true reflection of experiences I’ve had over the last 18 months career wise and personally; I wanted it to sound real, not forced and for the fans to hear and understand where I’m coming from.

GJs: What were your influences when writing the new record? You mentioned life experiences etc.

RQ: Yeah, you have your ups and downs in life; you think wow is this me now. When I sat with the writers, producers it was therapeutic to write it all down and get it out my head so rather then me explain it I’d rather the music speaks for itself.

GJs: Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

RQ: There are a lot of artists out there that I’m influenced by but I’m not sure we would fit musically or vocally together. Actually I’d really love to preform with Paloma Faith I think she is a brilliant artist, her writing skills, vocals, artistry is just fab!

GJs: Have you played any of your new music on this tour? And how have the fans reacted to it?

RQ: Yeah the feedback has been amazing; the fans all love the swing but they’ve said they didn’t think they would enjoy the new sound as much as they have.

Ray Quinn

It’s difficult really because swing is very box, people known it, they get it because that’s where I started so for me it was a case of moving away from that, not too much that it was shocking; As my musical influences have changed now from when I was younger so it was a case of finding a happy medium and my own sound So when it’s played you know its me and I feel like we’ve captured that with this record and the responses have only confirmed that.

So I’m excited to get the album out and continue this tour and hopefully get more great feedback.

GJs: When is ‘No Man’s Land’ Set for release?

RQ: We’re currently in talks for when the album will be put out as we only finished it just before this tour, so I didn’t want to bring it out during the tour as the timing wasn’t right and timing is everything for me right now but it looking more like New year, January time.

GJ: Mentioning the New Year what would you like to see 2017 bring you; what new ventures would you like to go on?

RQ: Well in February I’m starting a new musical till October called the wedding singer and that for me is a completely different role for me; it’s a hard case role, the nasty sort of business men so it going to be a nice role for me to play. 

I’m defiantly not saying goodbye to the musicals or swing; I’m just pursuing something that has always been a dream from the start and still is. To be able to get up onstage and sing my own original material and for people to sing it back to me, that’s always been a goal I will always have and pursue.

Ray Quinn

Catch Ray on tour. Dates here.

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