Gig Review by Sara Reynolds / Gig Photography by Wayne Fox


First on the list is Benedict Taylor a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire. His melodies comprise of slow contemporary vocal and piano based ballads. Taylor’s falsetto vocal works perfectly with song highlights including ‘Stranger’ and “please don’t fall out of Love’ – a love song “in reverse” Benedict tells us. His heart felt songs certainly warm up this crowd on a cold and wet Tuesday evening.


Next act up is MØ (aka Momomoyouth). Front woman Karen Marie Orsted is a very dynamic character on stage, wearing a funky and skimpy two piece and braided hair she’s sexy and street all in one go. Unlike certain pop princesses in the media right now, Karen keeps the gym knickers on – which makes for a refreshing change! MØ certainly posess substance and singer Karen Marie Orsted really works the crowd, stage diving and getting up close and personal, In front of a huge black and white backdrop of the band’s videos on screen. She’s very physical in her performance like an up to date sporty spice with a badass vocal very reminiscent of Lana Del Ray. This is not a Miley Cyrus-a-like, as the focus is on the song and the attitude, and the physicality in the performance is purely a by-product of that. Karen owns the stage and I really think these guys are one to watch.


There’s an amusing interim between acts. The sound engineer plays Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’, and the crowd (who’s average age I wouldn’t put at any older than about 17) sing along not just to the chorus, but the whole of the lyrics. It’s incredible that this tune is over 30 years old and these guys are loving it! – Now there’s a testament to classic song writing and longevity…Just thought I’d mention it.


For tonight’s final performance the stage is almost completely cleared of equipment by the roadies When AlunaGeorge appear on stage I’m put in mind of a fun cat walk show with the volume pumped way up. Aluna covers some distance during the show skipping and strutting with a whole load of attitude. Her sugar pop vocals and lighter than candyfloss presence certainly gets the crowd movin’ and a groovin’. she’s a confident performer up there – like all good front men (ladies) should be. George, it would seem likes to keep a lower profile within the outfit; on electronic keyboards, but all the same it’s obvious he’s loving it up there. ‘mic’-less indeed but mouthing along to some of their biggest hits – these guys certainly know how to play to their strengths.

AlunaGeorge AlunaGeorge

AlunaGeorge’s sound has been described (with a somewhat full mouth) as “advanced minimalistic polyrhythmic beats”. At first glance you might assume that the duo AlunaGeorge, Is masterminded by the bands ‘Sound maker & keyboardist’ George Reid. On closer inspection it turns out that this is a collaboration of two halves ALUNA & GEORGE, not just performance wise, but equally at the song writing stage. Their music is infused with elements of drum and bass, 90’s R & B, house, electronica…the list goes on. George from what I know is certainly the technical head behind their unique futuristic pop sound, but this is matched by Aluna Francis’s strong writing talent and clever wordplay.

AlunaGeorge leave the best till last with chart hits ‘Attracting Flies’, and ‘White Noise’ – the crowd now fully warmed up sings along with their ‘heart hands’ held aloft …the enthusiasm is infectious and a man in the crowd even asks Aluna to marry him right there and then.

For the future of AlunaGeorge I’d say that it is really within the song writing of unique and fun House/electronic tracks that Aluna’s George’s potential lies. I could see these two emulating a career like Calvin Harris’s. Having come second in the BBC’s sound of 2013 poll, I’ll be very interested to see what’s on the menu for 2014. I have a feeling that this act will mature with age, just like a very good wine.


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