Gig Photography and Review by Jason Broadhurst


When I entered the Forum it was hard not to notice the shear beauty of the venue, Manchester certainly has its fair share of great venues but being my first time here it will certainly leave an impression on me. As I was hoping tonight’s headline act Alkaline Trio would. Having not seen them on a headline tour before this gig was one I have had on my calendar for quite some time.



However before all that there were a couple of support bands, first of up were Love Zombies. They started their set minus a singer, but before long she ran on stage and within seconds you could see that she was going to be an eccentric one. A few uncomfortable silences and speeches they made their way off after a short 30 minutes set.



Second on the bill were New York’s Bayside, a band I was aware of through Victory Records movement with Taking Back Sunday and others but had never really invested time into listening to. So after the car crash that was Love Zombies they were a welcome relief. They were the perfect support band for tonight gig with many of Trio’s fans even singing along.


Finally it was time for the main event as the atmospheric music is blasted from the speakers, Alkaline Trio took to the stage in typical fashion. Dressed to impress frontman Matt Skiba sported a typical black shirt and red tie he stepped onto the stage with his fellow bandmates Dan Andriano and Derek Grant to take a picture of the crowd before kicking into set opener ‘This Could Be Love’. A set packed full of hits that span their whole 18 year career soon proceeded. Fans were treated to such classics as ‘She Lied To The FBI’, ‘Jaked On Green Beers’ and ‘Dine Dine’. Finally a combination of ‘Stupid Kid’ and ‘Warbrain’ brought a close to the the first part of the evening leaving the fans craving even more.


The trio duly delivered more, by returning for the much deserved encore of ‘Private Eye’ and the fan loved ‘Radio’. The band have and incredible die-hard fanbase that other artists would be jealous of and tonight Alkaline Trio did the business for them.


Alkaline Trio Setlist:

This Could Be Love // Hell Yes // She Lied To The FBI //Every Thug Needs A Lady // Cringe // I Wana Be A Warhol // I’m Only Here To Disappoint // Jaked On Green Beers // Sadie // Balanced On A Shelf // Dine Dine // Mr. Chainsaw // Time To Waste // Young Lovers // Stupid Kid // Warbrain


Private Eye // Radio

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