Album Review: Perfume by Wand

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Review by John Bentley

Gig Junkies reviewed Wand’s inspiring gig in Leeds back in January, when they were touring their latest album ‘Plum’. The band, led by Ty Segal collaborator Cory Hanson, are no slackers, having released four albums since 2014. ‘Plum’ proved a very successful record winning Wand many new fans, assisted by dynamic live performances. The ‘Plum’ album developed the band’s sound away from heavy psych work-outs into more crafted songs, which nevertheless retained the experimental side. Besides Hanson, Wand features Sofia Arreguin, Evan Burrows, Robbie Cody and Lee Landey.

Album Review: Perfume by Wand

On 25th May Wand are releasing their new work, ‘Perfume’, which they describe as an ‘EP’. At 29 minutes it might well qualify as an ‘LP’, after all many great bands including The Beatles have released work around the 30 minutes mark as ‘LPs’.

‘Perfume’ immediately sounds like a follow-up to ‘Plum’, featuring strong melodies and riffs, plus a few inspiring instrumental work-outs and, like ‘Plum’, the album sounds like a real group effort. The opening title track is a thunderous rocker ending with some interesting synth from Sofia Arreguin. Second track ‘Town Meeting’ is more experimental, a bit of a collage of sound and rhythmic changes. The catchy ‘The Gift’ was a recent single and features Hanson’s soft crooning, if you can call it that.  One of two instrumentals, ‘Train Whistle’ is a nice piece of jangling experimental psychedelia, which morphs into closing track ‘I Will Keep You’: this is a real highlight, finishing with some spine-tingling guitar. My only criticism is that the guitar ending seems to fade too soon, but no doubt Hanson will be extending it in live performance.

Wand will most likely be soon filling bigger halls and winning over many more music fans on the back of their live gig reputation and this great new EP.

Wand at Brudenell Social Club Leeds, 28/01/18

‘Perfume’ – released 25th May 2018 on Drag City

Track List:
Town Meeting
The Gift
Pure Romance
Train Whistle
I Will Keep You

Wand undertake an extensive tour of the USA and Canada in late May / June, but no new UK gigs have yet been announced.

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