Album Review: Mettavolution by Rodrigo Y Gabriela

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Review by Cain Suleyman

With the vast majority of today’s popular music heavily relying on catchy vocal hooks to draw in the attention of listeners, you don’t often find music that can captivate listeners simply with instruments. So we take away the vocals and the drums usually give the songs rhythm. But if you take that away you’re simply left with almost empty sounding guitars. Well not with the latest musical endeavours from the mighty Rodrigo y Gabriela. That’s right. They’re back with immense Mexican vibes in the form of Mettavolution.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - LP

The album opens with the song of the same name and instantly hits you with powerful strings and thumps of the guitar wood that bring strong vibrations and feels in your whole body. The duo’s perfect dynamics never fail to connect with listeners in all of their work and this song is no different. It’s perfectly balanced to show off their true connection with music.

The genre of Mexican classical guitar is one that is usually performed by those who have been brought up not only around the music, but the culture as well. It’s the kind of music that many have attempted and only a select few have been successful in creating. It’s extremely clear that this isn’t Rodrigo y Gabriela’s first rodeo with Mettavolution being their 6th studio album.

Many artists, at some point in their career’s, try whacky experimentation in their craft but the Mexican duo stick to what they know and they do this so well. This album takes you on a cultural exploration that, when you close your eyes, makes you feel enriched in South American culture. The acoustic chords from Gabriela Quintero work as a fusion with Rodrigo Sánchez’s acoustic and electric fiddling in perfect musical harmony.

In all honesty, the album speaks for itself. Words can’t really capture the essence and communication of such a precise and flawless album. It’s high tempo moments make you want to dance all night long. It’s smoother sections make you want to close your eyes and take the complex flamenco sounds in. It’s quieter feels fill you with unspeakable emotion that causes you to have a true bond, not only with the music but with the musicians themselves.

The album closes with an instrumental cover of Pink Floyd’s Echoes. An odd choice of a song to cover but it works so well. The original is such a progressive song that brings you up and down and all around the place and you’d think that without the vocals, the spirit of the song will be lost. Not this cover. It’s a perfect end to the album that’s been so classical before this moment. It’s an extremely bold and brave move from the Mexican duo, but if finishes of another fine piece of work.

Rodrigo y Gabriela play only one UK date before the release of the album at London’s Roundhouse on 24th April.

Mettavolution – Released 26th April 2019 on Rubyworks / BMG

Mettavolution Track list:
Electric Soul
Krotona Days
Witness Tree

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - 1

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