Album Review: Things Will Matter (Redux) by Lonely The Brave

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Review by Stephen Pearson

When the Cambridge 5 piece Lonely The Brave released their 2nd album ‘Things Will Matter’ in May 2016, it was always going to draw comparisons with their magnificent debut album ‘The Days War’ released in September 2014. The reviews of ‘Things Will Matter’ were very complimentary but many were perhaps expecting a bit more from the rock band. Fast forward to the present day and they are set to release ‘Things Will Matter (Redux)’ and let’s be clear straight from the off; this is more than just a stripped back version of the album, they’ve completely re-invented some of the tracks. ‘Things Will Matter’ was a rock album, this is totally different.

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The opening track ‘Things Will Matter’ is the only one which was not on the original version as the band always intended to hold this one back until they released the Redux version and it is a great introduction to the whole album.. It has been popular with the fans for some time now when they play live. The lyrics are very personal to lead singer David Jakes where the subject matter tackles his relationship with his father. It is an incredible track and his vocals are outstanding and intense. You can really hear the influence of Pink Floyd on this album, a band that Lonely The Brave openly admit they are huge fans of, they actually play an excellent version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ when they tour.

‘Black Mire’ was one of the tracks I was particularly looking forward to hearing which is an excellent track and lead single on the original album. On this version they’ve slowed the track down and the vocals are slightly distorted. It works well but having heard the original it’s difficult not to compare the two. The original version really set the tone for the rest of that album but they have still done it justice on this new version.

‘What If You Fall In’ is a very atmospheric track and the synth complements this version very well, meanwhile ‘Rattlesnakes’ has a beautiful Piano accompanying the track and the drums are steadily introduced halfway though. It is very different from the straight out rock of the original version and it works beautifully.

‘Diamond Days’ was one of the stand out tracks on the original and this time they have produced an acoustic version sang in a lower octave with a gentle synth playing in the background. They again do the track justice on the new version.

I interviewed the band a few months after the original album was released and the one thing that stood out to me was when they said “Making the same record twice scares the hell out of us. We want to keep progressing and keep changing. We want to use different instruments and try out new things”.

They’ve certainly done that on the Redux version and the final track ‘Jaws of Hell’ is truly epic! It could easily be used as a film score with violins, keyboards and soaring vocals, it is truly breath-taking and a superb way to end the album.

This album undoubtedly showcases David Jakes vocals, especially as he is singing in a gentler tone and at times you almost feel like you are sat right next to him in the studio. It also shows the potential the band have and makes you excited about where the next studio album will go in the terms of sound.

Is this the route and sound they will be looking to in the future? Who knows but I for one can’t wait to find out! One thing is for sure, on this album Lonely The Brave have truly shown that they can be anything they want to be.

Lonely The Brave ‘Things Will Matter (Redux)’ is out November 10th on Hassle Records.

1. Things Will Matter
2. Black Mire (Redux)
3. What If You Fall In (Redux)
4. Rattlesnakes (Redux)
5. Diamond Days (Redux)
6. Play Dead (Redux)
7. Dust & Bones (Redux)
8. Radar (Redux)
9. Tank Waves (Redux)
10. Strange Like I (Redux)
11. Boxes (Redux)
12. Jaws Of Hell (Redux)

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